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We are really proud and honoured to have received some great feedback from our partners. Everything we do is about helping entrepreneurs, just like you, build successful thriving businesses.

‘It’s gone very, very well, over the last 12 months we’ve had 47 projects we’ve completed which has resulted in £164,000 worth of income and we are very happy with the growth we have achieved.’

‘All their services are absolutely great, they provide user friendly and well designed products to its customers. I would also say, the one thing that really stands out (about the opportunity) is the support I get from the team. I am never left on my own, I have a tech team behind me that allows me to get on with sales. I am starting to get a lot of enquiries about SEO now also.’
Priyesh V.
Empower-Business Partner

Partner Feedback

“The online training is fantastic (clearly presented) and available 24/7, they communicate regularly on topics of importance.”

Jessica S.

Empower-Business Partner

“Empower Tech Solutions have provided us with an excellent platform of technology and training to allow us to create a new business.”

Peter B.

Empower-Business Partner

"Most companies can learn from Empower Tech Solutions, they are professional, very responsive to customer issues, and great management. They have a true desire for partner success. I am glad to be a part of the global family."

John D.

Empower Tech Partner

“As a partner, I developed an app for a sole proprietor hair stylist. Her business was floundering and after we developed the app and a website for her business, she has now expanded her footprint and doubled her daily appointments.”

Lauren B.

Empower Tech Partner

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Exceptional Partner Survey Results

In a recent independent survey, we asked our partner network to rate the service they have received from Empower-Business


The professionalism of our people


Our level of knowledge


The approachability of our staff


said they value the relationship their company has with Empower-Business


said they enjoy working with Empower-Business


would recommend us to a friend (56.8% already have)

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