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Pepper CRM

Pepper is a Real Estate Telemarketing CRM. The client required to automate his day to day lead tracking for his team of 1600+ Agents. We helped them develop the CRM from Scratch to manage all their operations and quality assurance teams.

Spark CRM

Spark is among the largest projects we are working on. Its a high end Solar Company Management CRM where you can track all Jobs and Operations. It is also connected with Financing Companies like Dividend, Mosaic and Concert to create client focused reports.

Logistics Portal & App

Our team worked with Wahyd Logistics to develop their Logistics Applications which including web and mobile applications. Its a large logistics company operating around the South Asia.

React Native Templates

We have worked on designing and implementing React Native Templates and Screens for our clients as well. Here is an example

Food Delivery Admin & App

We built out client food delivery application made 100% in Swift. The app is easy to use and iOS ready. The backend admin portal and API was built in Laravel.

Websites We have Built!

We have enormous experience in designing and building web applications and websites in wordpress, react/next.js and Laravel. Here is our Portfolio of recent projects we have built recently.

The list is very large! We have worked on upto 500+ websites and Apps so far!

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